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“We were looking for a tool that could get our employees and managers aligned. The DiSC Certification training from Academy of High Achievers was fantastic. It was informative, relaxed and fun with lots of opportunities to practice. As a result of bringing Everything DiSC into our company, we've reduced staff turnover by improving our people management, and recruitment processes and by reducing conflict.”

Craig Hamill (MCIPD)

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How to handle conflict in the workplace using DiSC®

A simple process to help you to handle conflict in the Workplace.

By Julie French at 10 Feb 2016

How Effective Managers Keep Their People Engaged and Onboard

Five tips to help you as a manager to support, guide and empower your team using Everything DiSC®

By Julie French, Academy of High Achievers at 10 Feb 2015

Desert Island DiSC!

If you were stranded on a desert island and you were allowed to choose just one person, who would you choose to with you and why?

By Julie French at 12 Aug 2014

DiSC - How to make sure your emails hit the spot!

We all know that emails have become a fundamental way in which we communicate. Have you ever stopped to think how well you communicate by email? What could you do differently to hit the spot more often?

By Julie French at 7 Aug 2014

Oh Lord - Please don't let me be misunderstood!

Have you ever had someone become upset with you because they misunderstood your intentions? The DiSC model can help you to recognise how your behaviour might be be misread and learn how to adjust your communication to meet the needs and styles of those around you.

By Julie French at 4 Aug 2014

Good to Great' and the Everything DiSC Model

'Good to Great' by Jim Collins is a classic reference for Success in Business. So how do the Everything DiSC 'Work of Leaders' and '8 Dimensions of Leadership' Models align with the key messages? Julie French examines.

By julie French at 31 Jul 2014