DiSC Training On-going Support

On-going ‘life-long’ support after the DiSC Certification training

Our ongoing support is what sets us apart.

We fully understand the importance of effective, good quality ‘on-going’ support after the DiSC® Certification training course. As with any training course, in many ways the training course is just the beginning! We are here to support you on an on-going basis in applying what you have learned and further developing your skills as a DiSC® trainer and/or coach each time you use the tools.

How does it work?

Once you go through our training, we will set up an EPIC account for you. Everyone who has an EPIC account with us automatically becomes our member. There are NO on-going licensing fees involved in the membership and your membership doesn’t expire for as long as you are an EPIC account holder. The membership is fully inclusive and it is FREE.

What is included?​

  • Exclusive password-protected membership portal​
  • Access to growing library of resource for continuous professional development​
  • Fortnightly support webinars on a range of topics
  • Ad-hoc questions and answers through email and calls​
  • First-hand knowledge of Everything DiSC® news and updates
  • Access to the community of training professionals to share and to learn from one another
  • Helpful articles on the topic of training and Everything DiSC®
  • Discounts for the follow-up trainings

Our commitment is to continue to invest in your professional development. We are here to support you every step of the way.