Starter Set: Need Tags Variety Pack

Starter Set: Need Tags Variety Pack


Re-usable magnetic Need Tags/ are a great way to get people talking during the networking of facilitation/training session. Sold in a pack of 12.

There are one each of the following: Accuracy, Action, Challenge, Coffee, Chocolate, Collaboration, Enthusiasm, Happy Hour, Results, Stability, Support and to be a Star.

The Everything DiSC® Need Tags give a team a fun way to express their DiSC® style and immediate needs through behaviours that they prioritise. Needs Tags are great active learning tools to help turn DiSC® concepts into an enhanced dedicated practice. They’re a fun take-away for each person to identify where their peers are coming from and what others should focus on when interacting with them. Whether used for active learning in your DiSC® training or as a way to build DiSC® into an organisation’s culture, Everything DiSC Need Tags are a popular, affordable way to keep DiSC® alive in an organisation.

The badges can also be purchased separately. For example, you can buy a pack of 10 ‘accuracy’ badges for £20 + vat

(Excludes postage and packing)