The Ultimate Learners Platform For Keeping DiSC Alive In Your Workplace

Catalyst™ Learning Experience

Everything DiSC on Catalyst puts relationship mastery straight into the hands of the learner.

Any individual who has completed an ‘Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst’ assessment, gains immediate access to their profile, guided narrative about themself, videos, a one-hour podcast and all kinds of other valuable  resources….all in their own personal Catalyst learner account.

Packed with helpful information, tips and strategies, this unique platform can be used for pre-course preparation; to enhance the coaching and training experience; and as an on-going resource to improve relationships.

Learners value the practical  convenience; trainers value the enrichment of their trainings; organisations value the impact on positive culture change,  performance and results.

And all of this is provided for the price of a single DiSC profile!

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Why Do People Love Catalyst™?

Workplace on Catalyst

Benefits of Catalyst to the learner:

  • Accessible on any device
  • User-friendly, easy to read content
  • Allows individuals to compare their style with others in their team or organisation
  • Packed with useful, practical information
  • Helps improve relationships, communication, and connection

Benefits of Catalyst to trainers and coaches:

  • Lends itself to bite-sized, modular training
  • Enables training to be integrated easily into the workflow
  • Encourages a ‘return and learn’ approach, smoothing the way to positive culture change
  • Can be used with both ‘in person’ virtual delivery
  • It is time efficient with opportunities for pre-course exploration, homework in between sessions and post training follow-up

What’s the experience like?

Although there are currently THREE Everything DiSC applications available on Catalyst (Workplace, Agile EQ and Management), the experience always begins with Everything DiSC Workplace® on Catalyst™.

There are FOUR PARTS to the Catalyst learning experience


Part one – The assessment questionnaire

Participants begin the process by completing a computer-adaptive assessment that uncovers their DiSC style, providing them with behavioural self-awareness and understanding. The assessment is comprised of the ‘adaptive testing’ questions that determine the location of their ‘dot’ as well as ‘priority subscale’ questions for four different applications: Workplace, Agile EQ, Productive Conflict and Management. Although they’ll always start with the Workplace on Catalyst profile, additional profile reports can be ‘unlocked’ at any time without needing to complete another questionnaire. (NB Workplace, Agile EQ and Management ONLY are currently available in Catalyst. We expect Productive Conflict to be added in 2022) 

Discover your disc style

Part two – The profile content

Next, the assessment results are translated into a personalised, guided narrative that’s easily accessible on the Catalyst platform. Each participant’s DiSC style is described in detail, beginning the process of social and emotional skills development.

Connect with collegues

Part three – Comparisons in the ‘my colleagues’ section

In Catalyst, learners can compare their DiSC style with their colleagues, along with receiving extensive tips for improving interactions and working relationships.

The Catalyst platform now includes a ‘privacy tab’ so learners can choose whether they wish their style to be viewed by colleagues or not. If a learner selects the privacy tab, they can’t see the styles of colleagues either.

DiSC Applications

Part four – The training experience

To further drive home the lessons of the Catalyst experience, training facilitation tools support virtual or in-person training. Facilitators can meet learners where they’re most comfortable, on their own devices and in their own time. They can also assign pre- or post-session work on Catalyst and walk-through features together, one-to-one or in a group. The Everything DiSC facilitation experience on Catalyst is condensed into five modules that average 54 minutes each. They are fully customisable and can be delivered in any order, with small or large groups.
Presentations, videos, and other dynamic teaching tools help drive home the lessons and make the benefits of the Catalyst experience a lasting part of your organisational culture. 

Discover Catalyst™


Do you have people in your organisation or organisations you’ve previously trained who are previous Everything DiSC® learners? Ask me about upgrading them to the Everything DiSC Workplace® on Catalyst™ base experience!

The upgrade is free for a LIMITED time!

Team Action

Makes DiSC Practical and Actionable

Whilst most people love learning what makes them tick, the real power of DiSC comes from learning about others and how to best interact with them, strengthening team working and relationships. With Catalyst, any member of an organisation will be immediately connected with others in their organisation so they can gain tips and strategies for interacting more successfully.

NB It is entirely up to you what you call ‘an organisation’. Furthermore, this can easily be changed as many times as you wish. For example, some organisations like to start small, calling a number of discreet teams ‘organisations’. Others like to start bigger. It’s completely up to you!

Appeals To All Learning Styles

Not everyone learns the same way. The Catalyst platform incorporates easily navigable information shown in sidebars. Each learner can quickly move to the content that interests them. The site also incorporates podcasts and video content. Engage your learners by encouraging them to review a video clip or podcast and discuss over lunch or a team meeting.

Learning styles

Everything DiSC® Supported Profiles

The Everything DiSC Workplace®, Agile EQ™ and Management profiles are currently available on the Catalyst platform.

Everything DiSC®


In this personalised, profile, individuals explore the priorities that drive their behaviour, learn what comes naturally and what might be challenging when interacting with others, and gain actionable strategies to strengthen their interpersonal interactions at all levels in the workplace.   

View Profile

Everything DiSC®

Agile EQ™

The Agile EQ profile focuses on discovering your own DiSC style, understanding your EQ strengths and the needs that power your strengths, recognising your EQ potential and the steps you can take to stretch beyond your comfort zone and building an action plan for developing greater agility and EQ

View Profile

Everything DiSC®


The Management Profile is a 26-page personalised profile that focuses on understanding your strengths and challenges as a manager and how to adapt to meet the needs of the people you manage, how to direct and delegate in ways that maximise employee engagement and productivity and more.

View Profile

Need Help Getting Started?

Let us know if you have any questions about Everything DiSC or Catalyst and we will be happy to help.


The Everything DiSC® Assessment

  • Powered and proven by 40+ years of research
  • Uses computer adaptive testing and sophisticated algorithms for precise results
  • Provides the foundation for a personalised learning experience

The Catalyst™ Platform

  • Delivers the results of the Everything DiSC assessment in a guided, narrative-style format
  • Allows learners to go deeper into their DiSC® style to develop social and emotional skills
  • Compares their DiSC style with colleagues and gives real-time tips for more effective interactions
  • Provides access to a range of social and emotional skills development content—personalised to each learner’s unique DiSC style

Your DiSC Profile (PDF)

  • Delivers the results of the Everything DiSC assessment in a guided, narrative-style format, including the learner’s application content.
  • A dynamic report available for download from the Catalyst platform and the EPIC Administration Site
  • Modular design to coincide with the topics in the training facilitation kit

The Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit (Optional Kit for Facilitators)

  • Includes Workplace and Agile EQ™ content, featuring easily customisable virtual and in-person training modules, contemporary video, and activities.
  • Uses a short-format, modular design that is easily tailored to any group size or time constraint.
  • Available for purchase or as a free extension of the Everything DiSC Workplace® and the Everything DiSC Agile EQ™ Facilitation Kits

The best-selling Everything DiSC Workplace application and the all-new Everything DiSC Agile EQ application.

Learners begin their Everything DiSC on Catalyst experience with Workplace. For new learners, this base experience is available for 15 credits. For past Everything DiSC® or DiSC® Classic learners, this experience is available as a free upgrade until April 30, 2021.

From Workplace, you can extend the learning journey to include Agile EQ™, which can be unlocked in EPIC for just 10 credits.

Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst is designed for any individual, regardless of title or function, who works with people. Individuals who work within or are associated with an organisation will get more out of the learning experience because they will gain access to the ‘Your Colleagues’ feature. This is a capability that allows learners to compare DiSC® styles with their colleagues and learn tips for more effective interactions in real time.

Yes! Any past Everything DiSC or DiSC Classic learner* is eligible for a FREE Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst upgrade until April 30, 2021. This upgrade is available for English profiles only. In any upgrade scenario, the learner will need to complete additional assessment questions. To gain access to this free upgrade, use existing data in EPIC. For more details on how to upgrade your past Everything DiSC or DiSC Classic learners to Catalyst™, please contact us OR if you already have an EPIC account with us, you will find numerous videos and tutorials in our private member area.

If the learner takes the full Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst assessment, it will take between 20 to 30 minutes to complete. If a learner has completed an Everything DiSC profile in the past and was assigned Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst using existing data from this previous profile, it will take Between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. Learners who upgrade from a DiSC® Classic experience will take the full Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst assessment.

The content available on the Catalyst platform for learners who purchase Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst includes the following:

  • Your DiSC Style: A narrative-style summary of a learner’s DiSC style with access to style specific podcast which is approximately one hour long.
  • Workplace: Personalised content traditionally found in the Workplace Profile but refactored into three learning modules to integrate with the training facilitation kit material:
    • How You Work
    • Understand Your Relationships
    • Build Better Relationships
  • Your Collagues: A comparison capability that allows learners to find their colleagues and get tips for better interactions using DiSC®
  • DiSCology: Comprehensive information about DiSC as well as the theory and research behind the model

Yes. A learner’s Workplace priorities, including additional priorities when applicable, are found within the Workplace feature on the Catalyst platform, and first introduced in the module, ‘How You Work’. Here, the learner will find out their shading, their motivators and stressors, and three key strategies to improve their effectiveness at work.

A learner’s Workplace priorities can also be viewed on any of the individual ‘My colleagues’ pages within the ‘My colleagues’ feature. Any learner can compare their Workplace priorities with other learners in the same organisation using this feature.

No. The content on the Catalyst platform is created and managed by Wiley and based on a learner’s DiSC® results and the DiSC results of the people within their organisation.

Yes. The PDF profile is called Your DiSC Profile and is available for download from either EPIC or the Catalyst platform. It’s a dynamic report, and the content will change based on which DiSC applications the learner has access to. A learner will have Workplace or Workplace and Agile EQ™ content depending on what the EPIC Administrator has provided. See sample report for details.

Most of the content in the report is the same as the content found in corresponding sections of the Catalyst platform, though there are some minor differences in presentation and organisation. The report also contains introductory pages for each section that are not found on the platform and are intended to support modular facilitation. Conversely, some content on the platform, such as the ‘My colleagues’ section, is not included anywhere in the report.

The Comparison Report, Group Culture, Team View, Supplement for Facilitators, and Facilitator Reports are available for Everything DiSC on Catalyst.

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