The Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit

The Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit

The Everything DiSC on Catalyst Facilitation Kit offers facilitators a new dimension of support. It uses a short-format, modular design and includes virtual and in-person facilitation options to ensure facilitators can create a customised experience that meets the unique needs of any client.

This Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ Facilitation Kit includes:

    1. Classroom Facilitation Guides for Fundamentals, Workplace, Agile EQ and Management modules in MS Word (customisable)
    2. Virtual Facilitation Guides for Fundamentals, Workplace, Agile EQ and Management modules in Microsoft Word (customisable)
    3. PowerPoint® decks for each classroom and virtual module (customisable)
    4. Participant handouts for classroom and virtual sessions
    5. Programme Guide for planning your session
    6. Access to online research and resources, including sample reports, posters, templates, and other detailed product information 

Module Descriptions and Estimated Times

Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst:

Fundamentals Module 1 (60 minutes classroom/65 minutes virtual): Your DiSC® Style: Participants walk through the framework of the DiSC® model and review the Everything DiSC map. They learn about their DiSC styles, then discover and discuss personalised insights.

Fundamentals Module 2 (30 minutes classroom/20 minutes virtual): Your Colleagues: Participants learn about one another on the Catalyst platform. Working in pairs, participants look each other up on the “Your Colleagues” page. They discuss the impact of their continua results on their relationships and find new ways to work together.

Workplace Module 1 (75 minutes classroom/70 minutes virtual): What Drives You: Participants discover their workplace priorities, as well as their motivators and stressors. They see how they compare to people with other styles and consider ways to be more effective at work.

Workplace Module 2 (75 minutes classroom/60 minutes virtual): You and Other Styles
Participants use the DiSC model to better understand the people they work with through video and discussion. They consider how they react to the different DiSC styles and gain insight into their relationship with a colleague based on that person’s DiSC style.

Workplace Module 3 (60 minutes classroom/55 minutes virtual): Build Better Relationships Participants learn how others have bridged their differences using DiSC. To practice building more effective relationships at work, they review tips for working with one colleague based on their DiSC style, and then discuss ways to improve relationships with people of all styles.


Everything DiSC Agile EQ on Catalyst

Agile EQ Module 1 (45 minutes classroom/40 minutes virtual): Your EQ Strengths Participants discover their unique emotional intelligence strengths and the core needs that drive them, and consider how to use their strengths in new ways.

Agile EQ Module 2 (95 minutes classroom/100 minutes virtual): Beyond Your Comfort Zone Participants learn about the full range of Agile EQ mindsets available to them and why it’s important to stretch beyond their comfort zones to be more agile in how they handle different challenges. They use a combination of personalised insights, video and discussion to consider new ways of responding to complex social and emotional situations.

Agile EQ Module 3 (60 minutes classroom/60 minutes virtual): Develop Your EQ Participants take steps to develop their emotional intelligence by exploring anticipated difficulties in stretching to new mindsets, choosing a mindset to work on, and creating an action plan for becoming more agile

Everything DiSC Management on Catalyst

The kit is now fully downloadable so the contents can all be accessed easily and immediately.