ESCI 360 assessment

ESCI 360 Assessment

We are now able to offer the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI). This is a 360 assessment based on the work of Dr. Richard Boyatzis and Dr. Daniel Goleman.

This powerful 360 feedback and coaching programme includes:

– 360 assessment/s with unlimited numbers of raters
– One to one coaching feedback session/s with our Certified ESCI Practitioner, Julie French

The Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (ESCI) is a scientifically validated and reliable 360 tool that assesses Emotional Intelligence. The model assesses 12 emotional intelligence competencies.

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Benefits to Individuals

The ESCI provides you, as an individual, with crucial self-awareness as to how people who you interact with on a daily basis perceive you. This includes how you manage yourself and how you manage your relationships with others.  The one-to-one coaching feedback session is designed to help you make sense of this so that you can develop both personally and professionally

Benefits to Organisations

For an organisation, the ESCI is a development tool that can be used to provide feedback on an entire work unit or department, profiling its overall strengths and development needs. Pooling the individual assessments of an entire work unit provides a comprehensive profile of the organisation’s or the team’s emotional intelligence. This ‘Work Force Audit’ can reveal key emotional gaps that may be limiting performance effectiveness.

Your employees receive a personalised report that gives those who are current leaders or who aspire to be leaders, powerful insights in areas that they can develop to improve their performance.

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The Process

Academy of High Achievers ltd handles the entire diagnostic process.

The process starts by registering you to complete the online questionnaire about yourself. The ESCI compares your view of yourself to how others perceive you.

We then ask you to nominate people whose feedback you would value. This includes your manager or managers, people you lead, your peers, and other stakeholders such as customers.

With the exception of your managers, all observer feedback is anonymous. The service is confidential.

If you wish to discuss, please email me (Julie French)  or  call me +44 (0) 800 2982 614. I look forward to speaking with you.