What Is DiSC?

From individual self-awareness to deep and lasting cultural change

What is Everything DiSC?

Easy to learn, easy to understand and easy to apply, Everything DiSC is a world renowned model and psychometric profiling tool that deepens self-awareness and understanding of others, in order to enhance connection and build better workplace relationships.

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Everything DiSC offers a range of ‘topic specific’ profiles that measure an individual’s preferences, priorities and tendencies, based on the DiSC® model.

DiSC is a simple, yet powerful model that describes four basic styles: D, i, S, and C, and this serves as the foundation for the Everything DiSC® application suite of profiles. An individual who has completed their online assessment will receive their own profile report with personalised insights, tips and strategies to help them engage more effectively with colleagues. The result is a much more engaged and collaborative workforce as well as meaningful cultural improvements in your organisation.

Transformational Learning

Everything DiSC offers the complete, transformation package. With a wide variety of Everything DiSC profiles, training facilitation resources, follow-up reports and our superb new learner platform called ‘Catalyst’, you will find everything you need to establish DiSC as transformative, common language in your organisation.

The Assessment:

  • Powered by 40 + years of research
  • Uses ‘adaptive testing’ and sophisticated algorithms

The Profile:

  • Produces personalised, practical, user friendly content and insights about personal preferences, priorities and tendencies as well as how to relate to and work more effectively with others
  • Provides actionable strategies for improving interactions and, ultimately, performance

DiSC-Based Facilitation:

  • Provides, enjoyable, interactive training experiences that engage, educate and inspire participants to take action
  • Offers easy-to-use facilitation materials, scripted content, contemporary video and a range of training activities, (includes virtual and in-person delivery and more)
  • All content is fully customisable to meet the specific needs of your people and your organisation

The Follow-Up Tools:

  • Allow participants to go even deeper into their DiSC style moving from a ‘one time’ learning to ‘return and learn’
  • Provide numerous practical tips for connecting more effectively with colleagues
  • Help participants understand their team or department’s DiSC culture so that they can adapt their behaviour to ensure their culture is ‘fit for purpose’

Benefits of introducing Everything DiSC® profiling to your organisation

  • Significant improvements in your Management and Leadership

  • More engaged and aligned employees

  • Better relationships with external customers

  • More cohesive team working, improving productivity and results

  • More effective online and offline communication

  • Improved outcomes from change programmes

  • Reduced burnout, absenteeism and staff turnover

  • Reduced conflict between employees and between employees and managers

What Is The DiSC Model?

The DiSC Model is a simple yet powerful model that describes four basic behavioural styles: D, i, S, and C, and serves as the foundation for each distinct Everything DiSC application.

D: Dominance
i:  influence
S: Steadiness
C: Conscientiousness

Each individual has their own unique DiSC style and priorities. (The ‘priorities’ are the words around the outside of the Everything DiSC map. These priorities are different depending on the Everything DiSC application)

All styles are equally valuable and everyone is a blend of all of the styles.  

Graphic of a DiSC Model

Online Everything DiSC Facilitator Training

Join us from the comfort of your own home or office for an online Everything DiSC® Facilitator Training that will give you everything you need to confidently and expertly use Everything DiSC® and DiSC® profiling with your clients or in your organisation.

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How Does DiSC Work?

The DiSC model is based on the idea of two fundamental dimensions of human nature, represented by these two axes: vertical and horizontal.

Where Does DiSC Come From?

DiSC has a long-standing history rooted in psychology and research. Since the 1920s, the DiSC model has evolved and expanded into a multi-faceted learning solution designed to deliver personalised insights that foster engagement and collaboration in today’s ever-changing workplace. Take a journey back in time and learn about the landmark events that have helped shape what Everything DiSC is today.


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