DiSC Fundamentals Course

Course Overview

Our interactive, informative 4.5 hour online training course is perfect for you if:

  • You’re an experienced coach, consultant, HR specialist or trainer
  • You already have knowledge and experience of psychometric tools and want to integrate Everything DiSC into your coaching and training practice 

Everything DiSC Fundamentals provides you with:

  • A solid foundation for using the Everything DiSC model in your coaching and training
  • An overview of the expansive range of Everything DiSC profiles and how to decide when to use which profile
  • The ability to take your DiSC expertise to the next level, through the use of our brand new online learning platform called Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™
  • Access to our suite of learning resources to help you integrate and use the DiSC model in your coaching and training. 

The total investment for the course is £495 + vat and this INCLUDES your own EPIC account (worth £120 + vat), your own workplace profile (worth £60 + vat), one workplace profile to use with a client or in your organisation (worth £60 + vat) and an invaluable post-training debrief session with our lead trainer to review your first DiSC-based coaching session.

FOR DATES and TIMES of this training, the FUNDAMENTALS training takes place on the first day of our three day training.


LEAD TRAINER: Julie French
WHERE: Online, Zoom
WHEN: Various training dates


  • 1 Workplace profile
  • 1 EPIC account
  • 15 credits
  • Access to Catalyst platform
    Private members area with more DiSC learning resources
  • Post-training debrief session with lead trainer

Process For DiSC Fundamentals Training

Before the facilitator-led online training, you’ll receive an email with a link for you to complete your Everything DiSC® on Catalyst™ assessment. Once you’ve completed the assessment, you’ll have immediate access to the Catalyst platform where, as pre-course work, you’ll be able to explore and read, :

  • Your Everything DiSC Workplace on Catalyst profile as a PDF
  • Guided narrative about your DiSC style
  • A podcast about your style (approximately one hour)
  • A section called ‘My Colleagues’ which helps you (or your participants) to understand how to work with specific people in an organisation
  • Information about the DiSC model, theory, supporting research and the history of DiSC under the heading ‘Discology’.

After The Training

The focus of our training is on practical application. We see it as our role to help you to apply what you’ve learned after the training. That’s why your training fee includes one Everything DiSC Workplace profile to get you started straight away. To help you even further, we also include an invaluable post-training debrief session with our lead trainer to review your first DiSC-based coaching session.

What Is Covered On this Facilitator-Led Training?

  • What is DiSC? Where does it come from? How does it work?

    You need to know how this tool works inside out if you’re to help your participants achieve their desired results. When questions come up, you need to be able to answer them in full. We’ll give you everything you need to show up as the expert.

  • Your own profile and how you want to use the tool kit

    Before the training you will have completed your own Everything DiSC on Catalyst assessment and the pre-work.During this interactive training session, we will explore what you have discovered. You will also get the opportunity to consider how you want to use the Everything DiSC tools kit in your business or organisation.

  • How do you teach the DiSC model in a way that has your delegates feeling intrigued and involved?

    Whether you are using profiles to coach on a one-to-one basis or to facilitate group sessions, introducing your participants to the model is an important skill. We’ll show you how to do this elegantly and engagingly and give you the opportunity to practice.

  • How do you teach your delegates how to ‘people read’?

    One of the greatest benefits of Everything DiSC profiles is in their practical application. You want your coaching and/or training to be a life changing experience! One of the things that will make this so is their ability to ‘people read’ others and then adapt and flex their behaviour to meet needs. We show you how you can bring this to life in your coaching and/or training so that your participants not only fully understand the styles but can use the DiSC model in their everyday lives.

  • What about the nuts and bolts? How does the assessment questionnaire work? What is adaptive testing? What about the research? How do you use the Facilitators Supplement?

    Whilst you may not share all of this with your delegates or coachee’s, some will have questions, for others it could be helpful to explain so they make best use of the profiles. We give you a deep understanding of the essentials, so you feel confident and in control.

What's Included

Everything DiSC Workplace logo

Enough EPIC credits for one Workplace Profile:

This is provided to get you off to a flying start!

Learn more about Workplace profile 

EPIC logo

Your EPIC Account:

  • So that you can buy, manage and store your Everything DiSC profiles in one place
  • As an EPIC account holder, you will be able to buy profiles at discounted rates

Learn more about EPIC >

Catalyst logo

Access to the Catalyst Platform:

  • This is a learning platform that helps organisations keep DiSC alive beyond training sessions
  • Catalyst enables your clients or organisation to achieve deep and lasting positive culture change with Everything DiSC


Learn more about Catalyst >

AHA Member Support Badge

Access To Our Member’s Only Support Centre:

  • You can access our growing library of resources to help you with your continuous professional development
  • We offer regular support webinars on a range of topics to help you to improve your DiSC skills and learn from other certified DiSC trainers
  • We keep your knowledge current by providing you with regular Everything DiSC® news and updates
  • As an ‘Aha member’ we offer discounts to you for follow-up training

The benefits of attending our DiSC Fundamentals Course

As a people developer, you know the value of having an effective tool kit to create positive change.  By completing our DiSC Fundamentals Course, you’ll have everything you need to:

  • Achieve much better results and outcomes as a trainer, coach, consultant or HR professional
  • Access and confidently use the suite of Everything DiSC profiles
  • Feel confident that you have the understanding to deliver effective DiSC® training and coaching
  • Solve a range of common organisational issues and problems more effectively
  • Use the highest quality research-based DiSC® profiles in your training and coaching programmes
  • Have complete control over the administration of DiSC® profiling

DiSC is a valuable behavioual tool which supports any people focused business. As ever Julie and Tony's unique style make learning fun. Great course, great content, great tool

Steve Penson

Trainer, Coach and Consultant at Alisar Ltd

Superb from start to finish. Well paced, loaded with rich content, supportive and excellent feedback. I've come away with a buzz of ideas and that is, in part because the Everything DiSC model is so impressive, but it is also a reflection of your empowering training approach. Thanks so much!

Andy Fisher

Teacher and Headmaster at Norwich School

DiSC is an excellent tool that is readily understandable and easy to use and this course trains and educates you to the point that you feel confident and able to take it back into your company

Mick Stevens

Improvement Manager, SABIC UK Petrochemicals Ltd.

DiSC is an amazing toolkit and Julie and Tony are top class facilitators.

Faisal Zaman

Training and Development Manager

How This Online Course Works

We use the ‘Zoom’ meeting platform which is stable, user friendly and free to use for everyone. You will receive the link before the training with the joining instructions, all of the training materials and the access code for you to complete your own Everything DiSC on Catalyst Workplace profile. 

  • The course takes 4.5 hours to complete in a single session
  • The training is highly interactive with opportunities built in for practice in breakout groups
  • You’ll need access to a stable internet, a computer or a tablet
  • Your computer or tablet needs to have a functioning video camera, a microphone and speakers (or headphones).

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Our DiSC Certification Training options teach you how to confidently and competently use the Wiley Everything DiSC model in your coaching and training delivery.

Start the culture of change in your clients’ organisation or your own.


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