Online DiSC® Training Courses

Wiley’s Everything DiSC profiles can significantly develop your leaders, managers, sales professionals and teams. Learn more about the full range of Everything DiSC® profiles.

This unique learner platform is packed with DiSC profile information, videos, strategies and tips enabling the learner to easily apply DiSC in the workplace.

We offer a wide range of DiSC-based training that will help you get results. Leadership training, management training, team training, coaching & mediation, and more. 

The Five Behaviors model is used to help team members learn to work together more efficiently and effectively and become a more cohesive team.

Everything DiSC

Online Everything DiSC Facilitator Training (13.5 hours of live training in three half-days)

Join us from the comfort of your own home or office for an online Everything DiSC® Facilitator Training that will give you everything you need to confidently and expertly use Everything DiSC® and DiSC® profiling with your clients or in your organisation. 

With fun, interactive, focused training sessions and enjoyable exercises you can do in between each module, your learning about Everything DiSC® will go to a whole new level, furthering yourself and your career!

We hope you can join us!

Who We Are

Meet the Team

  • Global partners of Wiley with the license to accredit coaches and trainers in the use of Wiley DiSC® behavioural profiling tools and training packages.
  • Accredited to use Emotional Intelligence tools
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Sarah Armitage

Sarah Armitage

Senior Associate Trainer

What Our Clients Say

We were looking for a tool that could get our employees and managers aligned. The DiSC Certification training from Academy of High Achievers was fantastic. It was informative, relaxed and fun with lots of opportunities to practice. As a result of bringing Everything DiSC into our company, we've reduced staff turnover by improving our people management, and recruitment processes and by reducing conflict.

Craig Hamill (MCIPD)

Craig Hamill (MCIPD)

Head of Project Services and Organisational Development at Zonal Retail Data Systems

An excellent course, very well delivered. Good pace, huge amount of learning, all focused on practical application.

DiSC is an excellent tool that is readily understandable and easy to use and this course trains and educates you to the point that you feel confident and able to take it back into your company

Mick Stevens

Mick Stevens

Former Improvement Manager with SABIC UK Petrochemicals Ltd

An excellent course, interactive and practical and met all of my personal objectives. I now feel more confident to use the DiSC tool to improve my individual, my teams and my business has certainly given me a better understanding of myself and others.Well delivered and perfect pace

Joanne Werth

Joanne Werth

Senior L & D professional, Lafarge Tarmac

I went through my Wiley DiSC® certification with Julie. Although I was very familiar with the model, her expert knowledge of the various profiles in the selection brought a new depth of insight, which made the certification very valuable, rather than just a tick box exercise to gain a qualification.

Since my certification Julie has been very generous with her support, talking me through various scenarios, to ensure I feel very well prepared to deliver each of the programmes at a high level. I would thoroughly recommend working with Julie. She is an exceptional trainer and coach.

Felicity Lerouge

Felicity Lerouge

Leadership and Management trainer, speaker and author

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