Tony Burgess

Tony is one of the co-founders of the Academy of High Achievers Ltd. He is a highly experienced trainer, facilitator, conference speaker, and coach. He has worked with business leaders, teams within organisations, entrepreneurs, educators, students, sports people and of the public to help them to tap into and release the full potential of their personal resources, preparing them to attain whatever outcomes they set out to achieve and much more besides.

Tony has a degree in psychology, and for the last fourteen years, he has specialised in helping people to thrive in their endeavours by teaching them powerful ‘mental fitness’ techniques and offering them a super-effective connection and communication tools. Tony is a specialist in utilising a powerful blend of applied psychology and he often draws on his expertise in the areas of NLP and DiSC® in his presentations. Tony’s core philosophy is based on ‘living his truth’ and by congruent example, he constantly strives to inspire others to ‘shine’ brighter.