Coaching Skills for Managers

Developing Your People By Creating A Coaching Culture

This is a fun, interactive and practical one-day training course designed to provide your managers with the tools, skills, knowledge and confidence necessary to have coaching conversations with the people they manage.

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This coaching approach to management is based on the belief that every employee has more potential than they are demonstrating and with the right input, the right coaching, that potential can be released.

Imagine having managers with the ability to have effective, informal and formal ‘coaching conversations’ with the people they manage.

Every coaching conversation is an opportunity to make a real difference, to develop learning and improve performance. Every coaching conversation creates the opportunity to bring out the best in people; to help them shine!

By ‘coaching conversations’, we are referring to many possible interactions at work including:

  • The 10 minute ad hoc chat with a team member about a problem  
  • Informal conversations around the workplace
  • Appraisal discussions
  • Debates that arise in team meetings
  • More formal performance development meetings
  • Problem solving discussions
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What are the benefits of attending this programme?

By the end of this coaching skills training, you will be able to:

  • Describe the purpose of workplace coaching and the role and responsibilities of an effective coach
  • Describe and be able to demonstrate the difference  between mentoring, telling and coaching
  • Identify the outcomes, goals and results your coachees (and/or other stakeholders) are looking for
  • Gain rapport with your coachee right from the start of the conversation and maintain it!
  • Ask the right questions at the right time to help your coachee ‘dig deep’ in order to problem solve
  • Demonstrate strong listening skills and use of silence to allow your coachee time and space to think 
  • Know, and be able to demonstrate how to manage the whole coaching conversation with ease
  • Elegantly and confidently enable your coachees to get the shifts and the results they need
  • Know how to use a tried and tested coaching structure that delivers results
  • Know how to adapt your style of coaching to meet the specific needs of the individual you are coaching
  • Know how to help your coachee work towards an action plan 

This course is delivered by Julie French

Julie French has been coaching since 1999 and has delivered coaching skills training to a wide range of individuals and organisations since 2003.

If you wish to discuss, please email me (Julie French)  or  call me +44 (0) 800 2982 614. I look forward to speaking with you.