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Manchester University, VOLVO GROUP UK, Tarmac, Avient, University of Derby, Acumed Ltd,  KFC, Pilgrims’ Friend Society, Reed Learning, SMBC Nikko Capital Markets Ltd, GANT, AXS, ZENITH, Harrison Catering Services, idVerde, Breedon Cement Ltd, Mole Valley Farmers Ltd, Vaillant Group, British Institute of Facilities Management, The All Stars Group, The Bannatyne Group, Go1, The Marine Management Organisation, Leicester City Council, Northumbrian Water,  Market Force Information, IAC Group, Leicestershire County Council, HMRC, Zonal Retail Data Systems, Edwards Vacuum, Derby Homes Ltd, Institute of Fundraising, Grundon Waste Management, WEIR Minerals, Yarnfield Primary School, Scottish Enterprise, TIP Trailer Services UK Ltd.

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Customers reviews

What people say?

For logistical reasons, I completed my DiSC certification training with Julie virtually – and loved it! The topic and format were perfectly suited to remote-based learning and I didn't lose any of that personal connection Julie's so good at creating. I felt well looked-after, with lots of opportunity to set-and-reset the pace, revisit key topics and spend extra deep-dive time into particularly relevant areas. I also had all the course materials to hand, so very easy to keep up. I'd be happy to complete other training sessions remotely with Julie and recommend the DiSC certification training as one of those programmes that's just as good when delivered virtually.
I worked with the Academy of High Achievers to gain my DISC Practitioner Certification. This was done remotely due to logistics. I found the time spent with Julie French online was incredibly supportive and I was able to not only learn everything there is to know about DISC but I also learned how to deliver profiling to groups myself. I was able to ask lots of questions along the way about anything I was unsure about. As a coach, I have used the tool mainly with one to one clients when they come to me either for help with confidence at work or for career direction. As I grow into a more corporate sector this will be of even further value to me.
Jude Daunt
Jude Daunt Coaching
I really cannot thank you enough, Julie for the incredible DiSC training day. I learnt so much both personally and professionally and it has made me reflect extremely deeply on the way I come across and how to understand others around me. The session was invaluable to my development and will 100% be doing further training with you! The day was structured brilliantly and although it went far too quickly, I felt the learning was embedded so naturally - I have been digesting everything even more as I tell friends and family all about it. I have been truly inspired and feel transformed as a result of the day. Thank you, Julie!
Hannah Jackson
Training and Development Officer at Mole Valley Farmers Ltd
Such a pleasure working with Julie! Julie continues to be a great support and is very quick to respond to any queries or guidance I need following my Certification in DiSC®. The DiSC® Certification I course I took with Julie was very well organised, professional and Julie makes everyone feel comfortable and able to fully engage in the course. I would highly recommend Aha Training to anyone interested in Everything DiSC®!
Louise Jude
HR Senior Generalist at PolyOne
"We were looking for a tool that could get our employees and managers aligned. The DiSC Certification training from Academy of High Achievers was fantastic. It was informative, relaxed and fun with lots of opportunities to practice. As a result of bringing Everything DiSC into our company, we've reduced staff turnover by improving our people management, and recruitment processes and by reducing conflict."
Craig Hamill
Head of Project Services and Organisational Development, MCIPD
I went through my Wiley DiSC® certification with Julie. Although I was very familiar with the model, her expert knowledge of the various profiles in the selection brought a new depth of insight, which made the certification very valuable, rather than just a tick box exercise to gain a qualification. Since my certification Julie has been very generous with her support, talking me through various scenarios, to ensure I feel very well prepared to deliver each of the programmes at a high level. I would thoroughly recommend working with Julie. She is an exceptional trainer and coach.
Felicity Lerouge
Leadership and Management trainer, speaker and author

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If you have any questions about our DiSC Training and would like to learn more, please fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We are here to address any concerns and answer any questions you may have about this training or DiSC training in general, so please don’t hesitate to reach out.

More comments from our clients

From Joanne Werth, when she was working with Lafarge Tarmac as a Senior L & D professional (and the video to the right includes some HR and L & D professionals working with Lafarge Tarmac)

“An excellent course, interactive and practical and met all of my personal objectives. I now feel more confident to use the DiSC tool to improve my individual, my teams and my business performance.it has certainly given me a better understanding of myself and others.Well delivered and perfect pace”

From Mick Stevens when he was Improvement Manager with SABIC UK Petrochemicals Ltd

“An excellent course, very well delivered. Good pace, huge amount of learning, all focused on practical application.

DiSC is an excellent tool that is readily understandable and easy to use and this course trains and educates you to the point that you feel confident and able to take it back into your company”

From Aidan Mullan, Head of Solutions Architecture at QA Ltd

Such a great course for all of us. Provided lots of coaching plus ‘doing’ so we got it – got confident and had fun in the process.

I had previously contacted all approved trainers in the UK for the training. The personal touch from the Aha training team impressed me and I definitely made the right choice.
Lots of benefits – such a powerful flexible tool. It can be truely transformational and unlike so many others, rich in it’s application.
Thanks for all, Tony and Julie.”

 From Andy Fisher, Teacher and Headmaster at Norwich School

“Superb from start to finish. Well paced, loaded with rich content, supportive and excellent feedback. I’ve come away with a buzz of ideas and that is, in part because the Everything DiSC model is so impressive, but it is also a reflection of your empowering training approach. Thanks so much!

From Jenni Henderson, Trainer and Business ConsultantChrysalis Business Support

“The course has been excellent and definitely the best choice I made. The information has been presented in a clear and effective manner and the knowledge that Julie and Tony have on the subject is fantastic. The environment has been relaxed and great fun and I can’t thank them enough for their support. I’m so excited about the next part of my DiSC® journey!”

From Ian Nicklin, Employee Engagement Specialist

“Thoroughly enjoyable training. After using DiSC for a few years, the Everything DiSC® system has given me a much more structured and easy to understand approach. It’s opened up a whole new market for me and considerably increased my retention rate with exisiting clients. This model has given me loads of extra tools to go into the tool box”

From Steve Penson, Trainer, Coach and Consultant at Alisar Ltd

“DiSC is a valuable behavioual tool which supports any people focused business. As ever Julie and Tony’s unique style make learning fun. Great course, great content, great tool”

From Liz Wilson, Coach and Facilitator with The Work Playground

“Great training bringing the DiSC® model, it’s applications and toolkits to life. Fabulous to work with different people all motivated to explore and learn about DiSC®. Julie and Tony make the learning really accessible with plenty of space and time to practise and play with the materials. It was all delivered with lots of knowledge, experience and support”

From Catriona Dick, HR Manager with Zonal Retail Data Systems

“This course has been a hugely postive experience. As a training course it was superb. A very different approach to training which has been inspiring and I’m now raring to go to spread the DiSC word throughout our company. The DiSC model has had a huge impact on me and the scope and opportunity for us to drive forward change and support future growth is huge. I found the training approach refreshing and hugely positive and motivational. So to sum up –  a very positive report!”

 From Tracy Parker, District L and D Manager with UPS

“Pitched the course well. Lots of interaction. Very knowledgeable. Shared a passion for the subject matter which came across extremely well. Pace of the day was well matched to the delegates. Enjoyed the course thoroughly. Thank you”

From Jenny Wheeldon, Headteacher

“Absolutely fantastic course – not only as a professional development tool but also as a personal development tool. Great fun; Julie and Tony are so easy to listen to; informative, fun but a challenge too. Thank you for such an enlightening training” 

From Nancy Wigglesworth, Trainer at Nancy Wigglesworth Consultancy  

“We covered so much in the training. Everything was very clearly explained and presented and it was all very easy to understand. I appreciated the opportunity to practice the skills we learned, especially the coaching and the creating and delivering a live session. Thanks for being so supportive and for sharing so much of your experience”

From Andrew Kureishy, Business Coach, Action Coach

“Great training. Can clearly see all the business opportunities!”

From Jason Evans when he was Training and Development Manager at Siniat Ltd

‘I very much enjoyed the training but more importantly learned a great deal. For me the learning was perfectly structured, nicely paced with lots of interaction. I am pleased that there is on-going support. This is rare from a training provider”

From Jayne Stoddart, Director of Red Kite

”From a business perspective, Wiley DiSC® has added value to my current product portfolio supporting growth from both a financial and credibility perspective. It has opened new opportunities and broader thinking for redKite. Following the initial accreditation to DiSC®, the more powerful learning has come with practice and application. DiSC® is a simple and effective tool that I personally connect with and has benefitted my growth both personally and professionally over the last 2 years. Thank you Academy of High Achievers!”

From Mary Collin, Coach and Trainer with 3degrees Social

“An amazing training, packed with fun-filled learning. I can’t believe just how much you’ve packed into this course and yet it’s so easy to take in, to understand and to use. Some great insights and fantastic resources are available in this package. The quality of the materials is first-class. I’m impressed at the depth of detail you’ve given us to take away to use. It’s a training business in a box with presenter guides, slides and delegate workbooks plus great videos and other great resources.Thank you!”

From Faisal Zaman when he was Training and Development Manager with Rational Group

”Fantastic learning environment! Learned so much. DiSC is an amazing toolkit and Julie and Tony are top class facilitators. Thrilled to be a member of the AHA family! Bring on the next team build management or leadership training event!” 

If you wish to discuss, please email me (Julie French)  or  call me +44 (0) 800 2982 614. I look forward to speaking with you.