DiSC Certification

DiSC Certification Training

Becoming an DiSC Certified Facilitator adds to your credibility as a trainer. DiSC Certification Training will give you skills that transform performance, resolve conflict, make teams more productive and result in cultural change of an organisation – skills that are always in demand. 


Upcoming training: June 23-24

Online DiSC Certification Training

Join us for a DiSC training where we will teach you the benefits of using Everything DiSC, how to understand and read DiSC profiles, how to resolve conflicts using DiSC, and how to facilitate effective DiSC training for your clients or in your organisation.

What are the benefits of DiSC training?

As a professional, you understand the value of having deep knowledge in areas that enhance your performance and add more value. By doing our Everything DiSC® training, you’ll have everything you need to:

  • Achieve much better results and outcomes as an HR professional, trainer or coach
  • Solve a range of common organisational issues and problems more effectively
  • Use the highest quality research-based DiSC® profiles in your training and coaching programmes
  • Have complete control over the administration of DiSC® profiles
  • Feel confident that you have the understanding and practical skills to deliver effective DiSC® training and coaching

Who is this training for?

  • Coaches
  • Mediators
  • Trainers
  • Consultants
  • HR Professionals
  • Education Specialists
  • People Development Specialists

What skills will I add to my list?

By the end of this one – day DiSC® training, you will be able to:

  • Take participants through the DiSC® model and their individual profiles as part of DiSC®-based coaching and training sessions.
  • Integrate DiSC® profiling into your existing training programmes and/or deliver one of the customisable, pre-designed DiSC®-based courses by purchasing one of the Everything DiSC® training facilitation kits.
  • Describe, as a coach and a trainer, how the DiSC® model works as well as its many applications as a problem-solving tool in the workplace.
  • Train your participants to recognise the strengths and ‘overuses’ of each of the DiSC® behavioural styles as well as different responses to conflict situations.
  • Bring alive in the classroom DiSC® in a way that fully engages and adds value to your participants right from the start. 
  • Explain the history of DiSC® and the background to the company behind the model.
  • Discuss the broad principles of the theory and research behind the DiSC® model.
  • Distinguish between the Everything DiSC® profiles and applications and describe how profiles are structured as well as being able to know which profile to use in which situation.
  • Give an effective coaching feedback session using DiSC® profiles having had feedback practice using your own Everything DiSC® Workplace profile.

Is there a follow up or on-going support?

After the one day training, we will arrange for you to have a 1 :1 telephone session with us to take your through:

  • Your EPIC account.  ‘EPIC’ is the online system that enables you to deliver, manage and store DiSC® profiles
  • ‘MyeverythingDisc.com’ for use with your participants. MyEverythingDisc.com is a mini website that you can give to each of your participants that includes their own profiles as well as information about their DiSC® style. The site also includes a podcast about their style. It also gives them the opportunity to invite other people who have done an Everything DiSC® profile to do a free comparison report with them. They can also create the follow up ‘sales interaction map’  on this site.

If you have any questions and would like to learn more, please call me (Julie French) or email me