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How energising are your online trainings?

For many people, staring at a computer screen for any length of time can feel exhausting. With so much online activity since Covid 19 and the increase in online meetings, webinars, and trainings, we are all finding ourselves increasingly tied to our computers and phones.

So, the big questions for us as trainers at this time is how can we ensure that our online training offerings are energising and invigorating rather than draining and energy sapping?

How do we make sure that our participants are loving the experience and fully absorbing the new knowledge and practical skills we’re giving them, rather than falling asleep at the proverbial wheel!

Well, when it comes to delivering online training, variety is the key!

Variety will keep your content, yourself and your participants feeling fresh!

Watch the recording of our webinar “How To Avoid Online Training Disasters!” here

Here are some tips for introducing variety into your trainings.

We’ve found that changing our delivery methods throughout a training, really helps keep participants enjoying the experience and engaged.

Ideas for adding Variety

  • How would it be if, from time to time, you were to change from screen sharing your PowerPoints to you, as the trainer, standing and writing at a physical flip chart?
  • What if you were to occasionally play a video to break things up?
  • Imagine delivering some of your content from a computer in a different room to mix things around.


Of course, it’s really important to give your participants plenty of breaks. I know this may sound obvious and yet sometimes we, as trainers, can get so in our flow and carried away with our training content that we lose track of time.

Ensure you and your delegates have plenty of breaks for stretching, moving and even dancing with music!

Interactive breakouts

Make sure you have plenty of interactive breakout sessions with interesting and engaging exercises. Then, of course, allow time for people to share what they’ve learned in the main group.

Managing PowerPoints

If you’re taking your delegates through PowerPoints, make sure that when you’re wanting to explain or teach something, you stop the screens share and return to engaging with your audience. There’s nothing worse than having a trainer speak at length to a PowerPoint slide. It really helps to move between slides and presenter mode. You can always switch back to your PowerPoints when you’re ready to make the next point.

Why should I listen?

And when presenting, it can help if you explain to your participants the reason why it’s important for them to focus on what’s being covered. This will encourage them to stick with the content. For example, ‘I’m going to talk through xxx now and later we’re going to answer some questions in the breakout session that will follow’

Enjoy engaging and wowing your audience with your variety filled trainings!

Let us know how you get on!

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